March 21 Test Session

Posted in Black Mamba Test Session on March 14, 2010 by blackmambarotarybug

Black Mamba Racing going to PBIR on march 21 for all day test session to test new setups and make adjustments to car. Getting ready for that fisher buggy car on April 24 @ Lakeland Dragstrip in FL.

We went to the dyno on Thursday and everything went well. Well today we had another set back in our testing program. One of the bolts that keep the engine together backed out during the first run and caused some damage. Ever since I changed the front plate I have been having trouble with bolts backing out at some time our another.


Hot VW’s Magazine turns down Black Mamba Racing

Posted in HOT VWs on March 11, 2010 by blackmambarotarybug

While attending The Winter Jam Festival Car Show this past February in Daytona Beach Fl, we approached the technical editor (Dean Kirsten) of  Hot VWs magazine and inquired about getting the car featured in one of the monthly magazines.  Being a dedicated reader of Hot VW, we were confident that there would be interest in running a story on The Black Mamba, due to the evolution and wide spread interest.  We were surprised by the reasons given as to why there would be no interest in doing an article.  Here are the reasons: 1. Color of the car is too dark  2. The car has a rotary engine.  This I found strange because there is a Hot VW issue that contains a full write up of a car that has a rotary in it (November 2007).  I have always been a die hard reader of Hot VWs, and was under the impression that the magazine’s aim was to share stories and accomplishments of VW enthusiast (in what ever creative shape that might come in).  but since this experience I have come to realize that HOT VWs magazine decision to look at the possibility of running an article of a VW enthusiast relies on one person’s opinion (Dean Kirsten) and if he is not interested then the buck stops there.  Let us know what you think (, we would love to know your opinion and you can let the Technical Editor ( know as well.